Weekend Snow

March 8, 2019 -- 11:45am

As we head into another winter storm this weekend, the City is gearing up for another round of snow removal. Here is some information to help residents and plow drivers with the expected snowfall.

• Plowing will begin Saturday during the event. Saturday afternoon, plowing crews will be working to keep through streets and major roads open. If possible, please avoid parking on through streets to assist plowing efforts and avoid getting plowed-in.

• Complete clearing of all streets, cul-de-sacs, public parking lots, and alleys will begin Sunday morning at 2am. A reminder that parking restrictions overnight on City streets continues until April 1.

• We’re all running out of places to put the snow. That said, the City Code does not allow pushing, shoveling, or blowing snow from driveways into City streets or across the street into boulevards.

• Curb-to-curb plowing is getting difficult due to the amount of snow in the boulevards. Street widths may not be opened up to their normal width. Please exercise caution.