Staff Directory

Our Staff Directory contains the contact information for all City of Delano departments and divisions. For more information please contact the City Hall main office number at 763-972-0550

Bauman, Paula Administrative Services Coordinator 763-972-4420
Borland, Bryce Administrative Intern 763-972-0530
Ely, Alisha Administrative Specialist 763-972-4423
Kern, Phil City Administrator 763-972-0565
Amy Matter Administrative Assistant 763-972-0563
Dornfeld, Scott Building Official 763-972-0532
Hamman, Greg Building Inspector  763-972-4412 
Quam, Dustin Assistant Building Official 763-972-0567
Delano Municipal Utilities    
Twite, Paul General Manager 763-972-0557
Delano Wine & Spirits    
Drumsta, Nancy Manager 763-972-0578
Louwagie, Shawn City Engineer 763-972-0586
Bloch, Brian Finance Director 763-972-0584
Willems, Jennifer Finance Assistant 763-972-0569
Marlene Kittock Housing Coordinator 763-972-2945
Motor Vehicle    
Bloch, Brian Motor Vehicle Manager 763-972-0584
Dummer, Debbie Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Holman, Nicole Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Lindahl, Sarah Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Lucarelli, Kim Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Stafford, Jessica Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Wachman, Beth Motor Vehicle Assistant 763-972-0568
Public Safety - Fire    
Van Lith, Bob  Fire Chief and Public Works  763-972-0581
Public Works    
Dornfeld, Nick Public Works 763-972-0550
Dufner, Dale Public Works 763-972-0550
Huncha, Mike Public Works 763-972-0550
Matter, Tim Public Works 763-972-0550
Schrupp, Tim Public Works 763-972-0550
Swearingen, Paul Public Works 763-972-0550
Senior Center    
Neaton, Nick Senior & Community Services Director 763-972-0575
Harris, Terri Kitchen Manager 763-972-0574
Van LIth, Linda Senior Center Assistant Coordinator 763-972-0576