2021 Street Improvement Project

The 2021 Street Improvement Project will begin September 20, 2021. The contractor who will be perfomring the work is WM Mueller & Sons out of Hamburg, MN. The overall preliminary schedule has the work starting the week of September 20th, with overall completion by mid-November. Within this project crews will work on mill and overlaying specific streets within the community,City Hall's parking lot surface will be reclaimed and repaved and Granite Lane will be constructed. 

2020 Street and Utility Project Timeline Overview: 

Construction Map
September 20 - October 22 Mill and Overlay Streets
October 4 - October 22 City Hall Parking Lot Reclamation                                                    
October 4 - November 12 New Construction of Granite Lane


Mill and Overlay Streets 

These streets will have the top layer of pavement removed and replaced along with spot curb replacements in areas to improve drainage in the curb lines. There are also isolated areas that will repair the street section which will involve additional excavation. The process of milling the pavement will grind off approximately 2 inches of pavement but will not remove the entire pavement layer. The streets will be drivable after the mill machine goes through each street. Once the surfacing has been milled the spot curb and street section repairs will occur. The placement of the new pavement surface will occur once the curbing and street repairs have been completed. During the street milling and paving work, parking on these streets will be prohibited. Signage will be installed along the boulevards indicating when these parking restrictions will be in place. A YouTube link is provided below which provides a general overview of the mill and overlay process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyDsDbglbkw

Marsh Ridge Hidden Hills Rebecca Park Estates Willowbrook
Marsh Drive Hidden Hills Drive Vieau Lane Willowbrook Circle
Aspen Circle Iron Wood Drive Charles Lane  
Tower Drive   Marie Court  
Bonita Circle   14th Street  Tiger Drive 
    Marvin Court Elm Ave to Hwy 12 
    Andrea Court  

 Parking Lot Reclamation 

The parking lot at City Hall will have the pavement surface reclaimed and repaved along with spot curbing and sidewalk replacements. There are also isolated areas of pavement failure that will have the pavement section excavated and repaired with the installation of drain tile to improve subsurface drainage. The pavement reclamation process grinds the existing asphalt and mixes it with the aggregate base layer, which essentially turns the pavement into gravel. The parking lot surface can be drivable following the reclamation work, but may be closed during the process to allow the contractor to complete the necessary work. The parking stalls will be restriped once the final lift of pavement has been placed. A YouTube link is provided below which provides a general overview of the mill and overlay process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_0QHoyfl8w

New Construction - Granite Lane 

This work includes the construction of a new City Street to provide access to the new apartment building currently under construction in the Granite Works Addition. The street will connect to the west side of River Street/CSAH 17 at the same location the current street stub is located, approximately 130 north of the Elm Avenue intersection. The street will be constructed 250 feet to the west and end in a temporary cul-de-sac until the street is further extended to connect to Oak Avenue with future development. The alley from Oak Avenue located to the north of the street extension will be connected to the new street. City watermain and storm sewer will also be installed with the street extension.