Crow River Villa Floor Plans and Pricing

The Crow River Villa is public housing. The current income limits as dictated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are $51,550 for a single and two-person family. Rent for the building is based on 30% of the resident's income, keeping the minimum rent total in mind. 

Income only from assets is taken into consideration when figuring rent. Also, applicants are allowed to deduct medical expenses that are not paid by an insurance plan. 

Rent for the Crow River Villa is as follows:

Minimum Rent:  $50.00
Maximum Rent:  $605.00 
   >> Heat, gas, electricity, water, sewage and garbage service are all included in the rent
  >> Cable TV and telephone are the responsibility of the tenant
  >> Air conditioners are not provided. Tenant can provide their own with an additional fee $30 during summer months
  >> Car plug-ins for winter months are provided for an additional fee of $23/month
  >> Satellite service available throughout the building for an additional fee of $30/month

Floor Plans:

Small Floor Plan:

Approximately 320 Square Feet




Handicapped Accessible Floor Plan:

Approximately 512 Square Feet




Large Floor Plan:

Approximately 485 Square Feet



Staff Contact:

Crow River Villa | Housing Coordinator | 763-972-2945