Outdoor Music Events


No outdoor live or recorded music event shall occur within the City without obtaining a permit approved and issued by the City Council at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. 

Application and Issuance:

  1. An application for an Event permit shall be submitted along with a permit fee as set by the City Council by ordinance. The application shall provide information and/or a plan(s) that demonstrates that the Event will comply with the provisions of this Section and shall be signed by the owner of the property where the Event is being held evidencing the owner's permission to hold the Event on the property.
  2. The City shall review the application, upon determination that it is complete, shall inform the application of the date and time at which the application shall be considered.
  3. The application shall provide written notice at least thirty (30) days' prior to the date on which the application will be considered to all owners and tenants of residential lots located within three hundred fifty (350 feet of all stages, performers, speakers and amplifiers. Said notice shall include the date, time and location at which the application shall be considered, the type, date and time of Event, and contact information of the permit holder.

City Code - Chapter 4, Section 422.01

Staff Contact:

Paula Bauman | Administrative Services Coordinator | 763-972-4420