City/EDA Lots for Sale

The City of Delano and its Economic Development Authority (EDA) are seeking proposals from individuals or builders to purchase lots for construction of new single family houses. 

Commercial and Industrial lots are also available for purchase and development. For more information, please see the Request for Proposal packets which may be found by clicking on each address link below.

You may also contact City Administrator, Phil Kern or 763-972-0565 

Lot(s) for sale:

Address Dimensions Minimum Price Zoning133
133 3rd Street North 50'x150' $79,500  R-5 Residential
West Metro Business Park
Custom lot size
options available
$2.50 per square feet
I-1 Limites and I-2
General Industrial
9th Street Parcel Approximately
$2.50 per square feet
I-2 General
125 Woodland Road
1.82 Acres
(Sale Pending)
B-2 General Retail

General Note Applicable to all lots: 
The City/EDA board retains absolute discretion to decide whether to accept any particular proposal or waive any of its guidelines. 

Residential: Proposals may be submitted by individuals or builders. Proposals must include a plan to construct a single-family house, to be built by a state-licensed builder who have built at least three houses in Minnesota in the last five years, or have equivalent experience acceptable to the EDA. The house may be built speculatively or for a specific buyer. The new house must be an owner-occupied, single family house. It must have at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage (attached or detached, depending on the site). 

Commercial: Proposals must be submitted by an individual, business, or a state-licensed builder.  See City Zoning Ordinances for specific zoning and land use. 

Industrial: Proposals must be submitted by an individual, a manufacturer or industrial business, or a state-licensed builder. The land must be developed as heavy industry or manufacturing plant, which by nature requires isolation from residential or commercial uses. See City Zoning Ordinances for specific zoning and land use.

The City of Delano is looking to purchase properties in need of rehabilitation within the B-4 Central Business District and the R-4 and R-5 Zoning Districts adjacent to the Central Business District as identified on the City’s Zoning Map.  The purpose of this effort is defined within the City’s Scattered Site Redevelopment program. If you own a residential property in that area and are interested in selling, please contact the City to see if the property would be eligible for this program.