Administrative Services

The Administration Department is responsible for managing the internal operations, as well as implementing the direction of City Council.

City Administrator

Phil Kern serves Delano as its City Administrator.  Mr. Kern has been serving the City in this capacity since January 2001.  The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the City.  In addition to overseeing the daily activities of the City, Mr. Kern is the City's primary contact for planning, economic development, parks, and community development activities.  Mr. Kern can be contacted at (763) 972-0565 or by email.

Finance Director/Assistant City Administrator

Brian Bloch was appointed to serve as Finance Director and Assistant City Administrator in September 2004.  Mr. Bloch is responsible for reporting to the City Council on the financial matters of the City. This includes assisting with the preparation of the annual budget and capital improvement plan, as well as monitoring the City's financial status.  Mr. Bloch can be contacted at (763) 972-0584 or by email.

For questions related to invoices, payments or payroll contact Jennifer Willems, Finance Assistant at 763-972-0569 or by email.

Administrative Services Coordinator

Paula Bauman serves as the Administrative Services Coordinator. Mrs. Bauman has been serving the City since January, 2001, and has filled several positions during her tenure. The Administrative Services Coordinator serves as the City Clerk and is responsible for coordinating regular and special elections, licensing, records retention along with planning and zoning applications. This position is also responsible for the official records and information held by the City. In addition, the Administrative Services Coordinator manages all the City's communication efforts for the City of Delano. Mrs. Bauman can be contacted at (763) 972-4420 or by email.

Customer Service Representative

Alisha Ely serves as the City of Delano's Customer Service Representative. Mrs. Ely starting working for the City in the Motor Vehicle Department in 2014 - filling the Customer Service Representative position in 2019. The Customer Service Representative serves as the first point of contact at City Hall and coordinates support services for the City office. In addition, Mrs. Ely manages all reservation requests for City Hall and other city facilities. Mrs. Ely can be contacted at (763) 972-0563 or by e-mail.