2019 Spring Flooding

As the City of Delano continues to monitor current flooding throughout the community, it is important that residents, property owners, and other stakeholders are able to keep up with the latest information regarding this challenge.  The City has organized this section of our website to get relevant and timely information into the hands of the people that need it the most.  Please keep up with this and view the updates and question and answer portion of our site for information as it happens.  The City will maintain this site with the latest up-to-date information through the flood.

The National Weather Service (NOAA) along with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) have established a Crow River monitoring station here in Delano.  The equipment is located in the downtown area and gives real time feedback about water levels.   This data, along with other factors such as weather forecasts, snow pack, and frost levels help both the NOAA and MnDNR make predictions about what is expected to happen with river as the spring thaw begins.  These predictions will be updated frequently, depending on flooding potential, throughout the spring.

The City of Delano is currently working around the clock monitoring the current conditions and keeping the pumping stations operating.  If you have any questions, please contact Delano City Offices at 763-972-0550 or submit your question.

Current Updates: