The City of Delano has newly joined a program for residents to report community issues called SeeClickFix. This service will allow community members to report nearly any issue within the city directly from a mobile phone or computer. To report an issue, simply create an account at Delano's page on the SeeClickFix website linked here or use one of the free mobile apps available in the iTunes App Store and Android market.

Issues that can be reported through this program include but are not limited to potholes, broken street lights, low hanging branches, graffiti, poor drainage, garbage, traffic problems, and more!

By using the SeeClickFix mobile application residents may use either their current location from the GPS within their phone, or manually specify the location of the issue using the interactive map. Reporting issues from a computer can be done through this link: . When reporting an issue residents are encouraged to attach a picture and follow the progress of their report. Pictures can be easily attached while reporting through both the SeeClickFix website and mobile application. All reports will be received by the City of Delano and will be responded to as quickly as possible.

The City of Delano believes that SeeClickFix will provide both residents and city employees a more efficient way to address problems in our community.