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  CITY COUNCIL - This list will include updates regarding upcoming Council meetings and workshop agendas, along with special announcements relating to the City Council.
GENERAL CITY - NEWS AND EVENTS - This list will include General City information, updates with City Departments, information and events within the City.
JOB POSTINGS - This distribution list provides notifications regarding employment opportunities with the City of Delano.
LIBRARY - This list will include updates regarding special events at the Library.
PARK AND RECREATION - This list will include information on issues, events and happenings regarding parks and recreation items within the City of Delano.
PLANNING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - This list will provide information on economic development projects, community development projects, new residential projects and other matters that may come before the Planning Commission.
PUBLIC SAFETY - This list will include updates on projects and happenings regarding Public Safety within the City of Delano.
SENIOR CENTER - This list will include updates regarding the Senior Center including activities, menus and special announcements.

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