Delano Trivia Contest - 101 Questions About Delano

How well do you know the Delano area?
The Delano Senior Center challenges you to learn more about your community! Complete the online entry below or submit a paper copy to the Delano Senior Center.

1st Place: $100 in DELANO DOLLARS - redeemable at any Delano Chamber of Commerce business
2nd Place: One-year subscription to the Delano Herald Journal

All ages are invited to participate in this fun trivia contest about Delano. Individual or groups may enter. One entry per person or group. Please be respectful of property and businesses when looking for answers. Please do not call City Hall looking for answers. City Staff will not provide information related to the trivia contest. The trivia contest organizers have the final judgment on all answers

All entries are due by January 31, 2017. Answers will be published online and in the Delano Herald Journal on February 6, 2017. For questions, please contact Nick Neaton at the Delano Senior Center by calling 763-972-0574 or by e-mail


Delano Trivia Contest! Fill out the form below to submit your answers:

1. What is Franklin Township road 72nd Street SE now known as in Delano city limits?
2. What is the longest continuous street in Delano?
3. What are the names of the two one-way streets in Delano?
4. What is another name for County Road 30 immediately west of Highway 12?
5. How many automobile river crossings are between Watertown and Delano?
6. What road near Delano crosses both the south fork and the north fork of the Crow?
7. What is another name for County Road 17 south of Delano?
8. Name three streets in Delano named after trees.
9. What is the highest-numbered street in the city of Delano?
10. Name two city streets that have traditional male names.
11. Name two city streets that have traditional female names.
12. Name two city streets that are named after birds.
13. Name two city streets that share names with Minnesota cities.
14. Name a city street that shares a name with a brand of soda pop.
15. In which two U.S. cities does U.S. Highway 12 begin and end?
16. Delano school district borders SIX other school districts. Name them.
17. What is the Delano school district's number?
18. What year did the first class graduate from the Delano High School in its current location?
19. Which grades will be in the new Intermediate School?
20. What are the last names of the three head principals at Delano Public Schools?
21. What is the name of the building that houses Chun Mee, El Molcajete, Crow River Guitar & Sound, Wise Supplies, etc.?
22. What is the largest employer in Delano?
23. For what kind of shake is Peppermint Twist famous?
24. What is the name of the company that owns the movie theater?
25. From which hours does the $5 lunch special at Dairy Queen run on weekdays?
26. Where was the last self-serve car wash in Delano located?
27. Name four places you can order a pizza “to go” in Delano.
28. Name the two places where you can rent a movie in Delano.
29. Which year did the Delano Herald Journal begin publishing?
30. Name one business currently operating in the former Delano Eagle Building
31. What does the word ‘Bonde’ in Bonde Bistro mean?
32. What is the best-selling beer at Delano Municipal Wine & Spirits?
33. How many establishments serve mixed drinks with hard alcohol in Delano?
34. How many rooms are in the Delano GrandStay hotel?
35. What is the current name of the newspaper formerly known as the Delano Eagle?
36. How many chiropractor offices are in the city of Delano?
37. What does the ‘CVS’ stand for (in CVS Pharmacy)?
38. Where is one place you can purchase new Red Wing footwear in Delano?
39. From how many different places has the Delano Municipal Liquor operated since opening in the 1950s?
40. How many car washes are there in the city of Delano?
41. How many bowling lanes are at Delano Lanes?
42. Who are the four Coborn brothers who are the namesake of the Coborn’s “Four Brothers” in-house brand?
43. What is the title of the sculpture in the sculpture walk that features a granite column and more?
44. What country is the artist originally from?
45. What is the title of the horse statue in the sculpture walk?
46. What is the southernmost park in Delano?
47. Which one Delano park features a drinking fountain?
48. For whom were the pine trees planted beyond the center field fence at Delano Municipal Stadium?
49. How many sides are on the gazebo located in Central Park?
50. What is the full name of the organization that hosts the annual Old-Fashioned Christmas event?
51. What is the post number of the Delano American Legion?
52. Name all the streets on the 2016 Fourth of July parade route.
53. Who was the parade’s grand marshal in 2016?
54. What time do the fireworks start every year?
55. On which day are the fireworks held each year?
56. What is the mission of the Delano Area Community Foundation?
57. What lake hosted the first Delano Fourth of July celebration in 1857?
58. What organization sponsors the annual Citizen of the Year program?
59. Name the two 4-H clubs in the Delano area.
60. How many state baseball tournaments has Delano hosted?
61. What year did Bob Van Lith become Fire Chief?
62. How much does it cost to purchase a vanity plate from Delano DMV (not including the filing fee)?
63. How many dogs can one household own in the city?
64. How many chickens can one household own in the city?
65. In which Minnesota legislative district is the city located?
66. Alphabetically, where does Wright County fall in the order of Minnesota counties?
67. How many cities in Wright County end in ‘o’?
68. Which utilities are controlled by Delano Municipal Utilities?
69. What is the name of the company that manages Delano Waste Water Treatment Plant?
70. How many churches hold services in the city of Delano?
71. Spell the name of the Catholic church that is located southwest of Delano off of County Road 13.
72. What is the ethnic background of the two Catholic churches in the city of Delano?
73. What is the name of the cemetery on the northeast corner of Highway 12 and Calder Avenue SE, west of Delano?
74. Where was the Delano Airport located?
75. What was the name of the business at the site of the current Delano American Legion prior to the 1965 flood?
76. What year did radio personality Terri Traen graduate from Delano High School?
77. Who was Delano Citizen of the Year in 2003?
78. Who or what is Delano named after?
79. What year did the Delano Zoo Bar close?
80. What year did the water tower move to its current location?
81. Name a product once manufactured at the Delano Granite Works.
82. Where was the Delano library located before it was in its current location?
83. Name two other dining establishments that once occupied the building now housing Lupine Brewery?
84. Delano once had a miniature golf course. Where was it?
85. What was the name of the last grocery store to operate in the space now occupied by Loopy’s Dollar Store?
86. What year was the Public Works building constructed?
87. Name two of the three city of Delano properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
88. Where, approximately, do the South Fork and North Fork of the Crow meet?
89. Where are the closest mountain bike trails to Delano?
90. What is the full name of the company that operates the railroad?
91. How many gated railroad crossings in the city?
92. In which country is Delano’s sister city?
93. What does the ‘28’ in ‘55328’ mean?
94. What is the name of the TV show that re-created and filmed an accident in Delano in 2015?
95. Who are the top three billed actors in the Delano-filmed movie A Simple Plan?
96. Where was the Wright County Sheriff’s Office located in A Simple Plan?
97. Where is the main branch of the library organization that manages the Delano library?
98. Who was Congressman Tom Emmer’s co-host on his KTLK morning radio show?
99. What category of books can be found in the former bank vault in the library?
100. Name the location of two “Little Free Libraries” in Delano
101. When can you see a free movie at the Delano Senior Center?
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