Fee Schedule

Dog License  (Dog Registration Information)

A.  Neutered No Charge
B.  Natural No Charge
C.  Impound Fee 1st Offense                 $35.00
D.  Impound Fee 2nd Offense $70.00
E.  Impound Fee 3rd Offense
     (Plus Boarding Fees)
Non-Registered Dogs:  Non-registered dogs will be charged an additional fine for non-registration in addition to the impound fees.
F.   First Offense $40.00
G.   Second Offense $80.00
H.   Third Offense $160.00

*Non-Registered Dogs will be charged an additional fine for non-registration.  All fines shall be for the life of the dog(s) and their owner(s), the offenses shall not be related to a calendar year.  In the event the dog owner(s) changes residency within the City of Delano,  the aforementioned schedule is also applicable.


Garbage, Refuse and Recycling

A.  Garbage, Refuse and Recycling $50.00


Alcoholic Beverages

A.  On-Sale Liquor License $5,000.00  
B.  Sunday On-Sale Liquor License $200.00
C.  On-Sale Wine $200.00
D.  On-Sale 3.2 Beer $200.00
E.  On-Sale 3.2 Beer / Wine Combo $300.00
F.  Set Ups or Display License $250.00

G.  Strong Beer License

      i.  Strong Beer Gross Sales of less than $25,000 $1,000.00
      ii.  Strong Beer Gross Sales of more than $25,000 $2,500.00
H.  Sunday Strong Beer License $100.00
I.  Off-Sale 3.2 Beer $50.00
J.  Temporary On-Sale 3.2 Beer  
     i.  (1 to 4) $30.00
     ii.  (per day) $15.00
K.  Veteran's Organizations  
     i.  1-200 membership $300.00
     ii.  201 - 500 membership $500.00
     iii.  501 - 1,000 membership $650.00


Investigation Fee

Investigation Fee                                 $500.00


Business Licenses

A.  Transient Merchant (Day) $15.00
B.  Transient Merchant (Week) $25.00
C.  Transient Merchant (Month) $75.00
D.  Hawker on Foot (Day) $10.00
E.  Hawker with Push Cart (Day) $10.00
F.  Hawker with Wagon/Car (Day) $15.00
G.  Peddler on Foot (Day) $10.00
H.  Peddler with Push Cart (Day) $10.00
I.  Peddler with Wagon/Car (Day) $15.00
J.  Solicitor (Day) $15.00



Fireworks                                          $100.00


Dance or Show

Dance or Show  (Annual Fee)       $50.00


Misc Request for Standard Materials:

Standard Photocopy Charges:  
  Standard 8x10 sheet $0.15 per page
  Legal (8.5x14) or Ledger (11x17) $0.20 per page
Maps $5.00 | $2.00 Mailing Fee
  City Council Agenda (Mailed) $50.00/Per Year
  Planning Commission (Mailed) $12.00/Per Year
Assessment Searches
$10 per search - City of Delano
$10 per search - DMU
Fire Department Incident Reports $5.00
Plat Maps and Aerial Photos Cost billed by Consulting Engineer
(Plus 30% processing Fee)
Video Tape Dubbing $20.00
** A deposit will be required on the following documents and will be refunded after documents have been retured by City Hall.  **
  Audit $50.00
  Budget $50.00
  City General Code Book $50.00
  Comprehensive Plan $100.00
  Zoning Land Use Code $50.00