Delano Economic Development Authority
“Serving Delano’s Housing Needs”
As the housing needs in Delano continue to grow, so does the need for Public, Senior, Disabled and Handicapped housing.  The Delano Economic Development Authority (Delano EDA) provides just that, a safe, secure place in which residents can reside comfortably. 
The Ridge Manor Apartments are reserved for those seniors, age 62 or older, handicapped and/or disabled persons that are able to live independently or with the help of a privately contracted service.  The Crow River Villa is public housing. The current income limits as dictated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are $75,750 for a single and two person family.  Rent for both buildings is based on 30% of the residents income, keeping the minimum rents in mind. 
Income only from assets is taken into consideration when figuring rent.  Also when determining rent, applicants are allowed to deduct medical expenses that are not paid by an insurance plan.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the Housing Coordinator at 763 972-2945.
The provided links will be a guide for you and those you care for to choose the best living environment in Delano.

Staff Contact:
Tammy Weber | Housing Coordinator | 763-972-2945