Animal Control

As regulated by the City of Delano's General Code, Chapter 4, Section 406.01 the City of Delano has regulations and licensing requirements for dogs.  Under the same Code, Delano prohibits Wild/Exotic Animals within the City limits - further explanation can be found in the above Code. 

Property owners residing in the City Limits are allowed two dogs by City Code and each dog must have a current dog tag; dogs must be six months of age or older to register.  Registration can be done on-line or in person at Delano City Hall, 234 2nd Street North.  A current rabies tag number and name of veterinarian must be on file at City Hall in order to issue the tags.  Tags enable the City to help reunite dogs with their owners.

Also, remember to clean up after your pet.  City Code requires the dog owner to collect dog waste from private and public lands.  Dogs are not allowed to run at large and excessive barking is considered a public nuisance and subject to a fine.

If you would like a complete copy of Delano's Code pertaining to dogs, please contact City Hall at (763) 972-0550.

If your pet is lost, do you know who to call?

Delano's animal control is handled through Joe Kittok (763) 221-6658 and only handles dog issues.  All other pet issues must be referred to the Wright County Sheriff's Office or the Humane Society (763) 390-3647.  If you've found a dog during City Hall's non-business hours - please contact Crossroads at (763) 684-1234.