Public Art Policy and Procedures

In December, 2011 the City Council adopted the Public Visual Art Policy.  This policy was adopted because the Council desired policies and procedures to encourage the display of public art within the City.  This policy creates a mechanism for the inclusion of public visual art through the City in specific parks and public outdoor open spaces.  The Council has outlined the following goals for public visual art:

  • Provide a forum for public art and artistic expression within the community.
  • Allow public art as a vehicle to express the city's history and cultural heritage.
  • Strengthen the community's sense of spirit, pride and community values.
  • Generate cultural tourism and create economic impact.
  • Utilize resources efficiently and provide for sustainability.

All applications received must meet the submission requirements.  Once an application is received by the City, it will be scheduled for an upcoming Council meeting when agenda time is available.  At its scheduled meeting the Council will accept the policy and direct staff to review the procedures.  It is anticipated that this process should take between 31-60 days.  All submission requirements are outlined in the policy. 

The application and its contents will be forwarded to the City Park and Recreation Commission, the City's Heritage Preservation Commission and the Delano Area Council for Arts and Culture.  These three committees shall provide a review of the application and comment on the application's merits.

During the 30-day public review period the applications, along with their supporting documents, will be available at City Hall and online for public comment.  Property owners within 350 feet will be mailed written notice of the application and given the opportunity to submit a written comment.  All comments can be submitted through e-mail, mail or dropped off at City Hall (234 2nd Street North).

If you have further questions regarding the Public Visual Art Policy, please contact City Hall.  

View the Public Arts Policy adopted on December 20, 2011. 

Submitted Applications

  •  "Before I Die I Want To..."   (Accepted at the November 5, 2014 City Council meeting)

    Submitted Application

** The City of Delano is accepting public comment on this application.  Comments can be submitted through e-mail, mail (PO Box 108, Delano, MN  55328) or dropped off at City Hall. **