Development Applications


Administrative Permit Application
Application Log - Development and Administrative Applications
** Deposit Agreement 
** Development Permit Application
Fee Schedule

** Both the Deposit Agreement and the Development Permit Application must be completed and returned at the time of submission.

Development Application Checklists

Administrative Subdivision (Section 6)
Annexation Petition
Concept Stage Planned Unit Development (Section 51.02 Subd. J)
Conditional Use Permit (Section 51.02 Sudb. B)
Interim Use Permit (Section 51.02 Subd. C)
Site and Building Plan Review (Section 51.02 Subd. F)
Development Stage Planned Unit Development (Section 51.02 Subd J)
Preliminary Plat (Section 4)
Final Plat (Section 5)
PUD Final Plan (Section 51.02 Subd J.4.j.2)
Site and Building Plan Review (Section 51.02 Subd. F)
Sketch Plan (Section 3)
Variance (Section 51.02 Subd. D)
Zoning Amendments
     Rezoning (51.02 Subd. A)
     Zoning Text Amendments (51.02 Subd. A)

* Checklists are not to be submitted to the City of Delano at time of application.  They are provided for assistance in completing the applications.


Development Map
Extraterritorial Land Use
Street Map
Zoning Map


Planning Schedule

2017 Planning and Zoning Application Schedule


SAC and WAC Fee Schedule

2017 SAC and WAC Worksheet - Updated May, 2017