City of Delano Compost Site

The City of Delano's Compost Site is located at the intersection of River Street North and County Road 30 (near the Public Works and Wastewater Treatment Facility).  The compost site is open for use by City of Delano residents only - no commercial use.  

The compost site is to be used for brush and compost only.  Non-composting bags need to be removed and disposed of properly. Residents may deposit leaves and lawn clippings at the compost site and brush may be deposited at the brush site.  Both sites are marked.

Hours of Operation: CLOSED dusk to sunrise. Holidays. Tuesdays and Thursdays for maintenance. The site is under 24 hour video surveillance. 

Non-Residential Compost Site Disposal Charges.

The City of Delano is now opening the compost site to residents outside of city limits by purchasing Compost Site punch cards.  If you live outside the city limits please stop inside City Hall to pick up a punch card.

Punch Cards will be sold for $50.00 per card.  You will get five punches per card.  When you bring your compost material to the site, the attendant will look at your driver license and punch your card. For loads 8'x6' will be one punch; larger loads will be two punches. 

Each year the City of Delano has to needlessly spend money to dispose of trash and debris left at the compost site.  As a community, we need to keep an eye on the compost site.  If you notice suspicious activity or illegal dumping, please call 911 or contact City Hall and report what you have witnessed.  By doing so, we can save our community money and keep the services we've all come to enjoy available!

Randy's Environmental Services Public Drop Site offers a local public drop site for items such as appliances, televisions, electronics, tires, batteries, construction materials and more.  The drop site, located in Delano, offers a cost-effective alternative for proper recycling or disposal of your "problem materials".