Communications Questionnaire

The City of Delano is working to improve communication with residents and the business community.  This survey is being used to gather important information about how the City communicates information.  Please complete the survey below.  Thank you in advance for your time and input!

Demographic Information
* Gender
* Age
  Under 20
* Household Status
Family, no children at home
Family, children at home
How do you currently receive information (please select all that apply)
  City Newsletter
Visiting the City Website
Local Newspaper
E-Newsletter (e-mail delivered)
Social Media - Facebook/Twitter
Word of Mouth
Public Access TV - Channel 12
Other - please explain below
Please explain:
If you could have improved access to news your own way, which City communication tools would you prefer greater information to be delivered?
  I am happy with communication currently, no improvements necessary
City Newsletter - more often
City Newsletter - more information
City website - more information
Local Newspaper
E-Newsletter - more often
E-Newsletter - more information
Social Media - Facebook/Twitter
Text Messaging
Public Access TV - Channel 12 - more programming
Other - please explain below:
Please explain:
If you selected any choices in question 2, what types of information are you most interested in?
  Community Events
Project Updates
Breaking News
City Meetings and Agenda
City Council actions
Policy/Ordinance Reminders
Public Notices
Volunteer/Employment Opportunities
Program Information
Other - please explain
Please explain:
In terms of your participation in community matters, what statement best describes your involvement?
  I want to be more involved.
I am involved to a level that works for me.
I do not want to be involved.
If you answered that you want to be more involved, how would you like to participate further?
  Online/Internet-based communication
Attending City Council meeting or advisory groups
Community meetings/open houses on specific topics
Other - please explain below:
Please explain:
If you would like to be contacted by city staff in regards to further involvement and participation, please provide e-mail address or other contact information:
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