Update No. 8 - June 23

 Today’s flood update:

As of 7:30pm the river level was at 20.97.  Public Works crews continue to work through the night to monitor the river and keep pumping stations operating. 

*Many property owners have asked if they need to plug their sewers.  Property owners can at their own discretion but the City of Delano is not asking residents to plug their sewers.  

*After a lot of hard work, Three Crows has stopped their efforts on pumping water out of their building.  Thank you to all the community members that stepped up and helped them in their efforts and we commend all your hard work.  We are hoping for the continued success of their business within the community.

*Because of safety issues - the Bridge Avenue bridge has been closed to pedestrian use.  We are asking everyone in town to be mindful of this closure and to stay behind all the blockades.  The water is moving fast and is very dangerous.  Please stay back and keep children in hand.  Also, there are many flooded and closed roads surrounding our community.  Please acknowledge all road closures and do not drive through flooded road ways.

*Many community members have asked for these updates to be posted on the City webpage.  A page has been dedicated to the 2014 flood efforts and all updates  will be posted there.  In addition, the City will continue to post information on the City’s social media pages and email updates to residents who signed up for the E-Newsletter.  Please help us get the information out to everyone in the community!

*As always – if you have any questions or concerns – you can contact City Hall directly at 763-972-0550.