Update No. 7 - June 22

 Crow River update from Sunday, June 22:

* Tonight's trivia: The river is currently at a level of 20.48 feet, which surpasses the flood level of 1969 and moves into the 2nd highest flood since records have been kept (1965, 23.2 feet is the highest). At 20.48 feet, approximately how many gallons of water are passing under the Bridge Avenue bridge per minute? 
A. 373,500
B. 768,200
C. 1,579,000
D. 2,916,000
E. 4,712,000 ** Answer 

* Thankfully, much of the heavy rain and storms that were forecast as a possibility today passed by without dropping much rain on our area! 

* Other areas along the levee continue to seep, but at this point this seepage is manageable. Public Works crews will continue to monitor pumping stations overnight. 

* Minor water flows are entering River Street by Central Park. It is expected that the extent of the water seeping through the levee and over the curb on to the road will follow the river levels.