Update No. 6 - June 22

 Here's the latest on the Crow River in Delano:

* As of 11:30pm on June 21, the Crow River in Delano was at 19.7 feet. The National Weather Service continues to predict a sustained level of at least 20.5 feet beginning Sunday, June 22 into Tuesday, June 24. The crest is currently projected at 20.6 feet on Monday, June 23. The highest river level since 1965 was 20.45 feet in 1969. 

* City crews continue to monitor pumping stations. The saturation level of the ground continues to be a challenge, but so far the City's pumping infrastructure is holding up well. Unlike most past flood events when the ground is frozen, the saturation level of the soil is allowing the levees to seep and transfer water much easier. As a result, additional pumping has been needed.

* Many residents have asked if they can help. The answer is yes. The City's Wastewater (Sewer) Plant is keeping up with flows that are about four times normal volume over the past three days. The Plant has recently experienced "spikes" in wastewater flow during rain events. This could be the result of many things, one of which could be sump pumps and floor drains. It is illegal to connect sump pumps to sewer (wastewater) drains - please make sure your pump is discharging outside your home. Pass this message on to your neighbors and friends as well. This flood event will be sustained for several days, and everyone can do their part to avoid wastewater backups in town.

* Related to wastewater, residents near floodplain areas have asked if they should be plugging their sewer services to prevent backups. That is an individual choice the City is leaving to property owners at this time. Properly plugging will prevent sewer backups, but will also make the property inhabitable until unplugged. 

* The two road closures in town - River Street (near St. Peter Avenue) and Bridge Avenue (between Highway 12 and River Street) will remain closed likely through at least Wednesday of next week, possibly longer depending on river levels.