Update No. 2 - June 20

 The National Weather Service continues to advise the City that river levels this weekend will reach significant levels. Today, the City will continue preparations for a river level in excess of 20 feet, a level only seen in Delano four times since 1965. If projections hold, the City expects the following impacts:

* River Street/County Road 17 will be closed near the intersections of St. Peter Avenue and 2nd Street
* Bridge Avenue may be closed between Highway 12 and River Street.
* River Street/County Road 17 in downtown may have restricted parking and/or be closed between Elm and Railroad Avenues (to be determined). 

More updates will follow throughout the day and weekend. 

Real-time river levels and forecasts are available at the following link:http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=mpx&gage=delm5