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Delano Independent School District #879

Established in Delano in the 1800s and with an approximate enrollment of 2,285 students, the Delano School District covers a 66-square-mile geographic area that extends to the communities of Corcoran, Independence, Loretto, Maple Plain, Medina, Minnestrista, Montrose, Watertown, and parts of Franklin, Rockford, and Woodland townships, and the City of Delano.

All three Delano Public Schools; Delano Elementary School, Delano Middle School and Delano High School are located on one campus, with additional property adjacent to the current campus having been purchased for future school development.

The campus also includes a 437 seat auditorium, an indoor swimming pool, a football stadium, five baseball fields, six softball fields, eight tennis courts, an all-weather track, three soccer fields, as well as an indoor and outdoor ice arena.

In addition, the district added the Tiger Activity  Center, a 75,000 square foot center adjacent to the high school.  This includes a weight room, circuit training room, six full-length basketball courts, an elevated walking track, volley ball courts, a batting cage and is open to the public for a small membership fee.

Early Childhood Education is housed in Delano's Community Education Building and Delano's Community Education Program provides a wide range of educational opportunities to encourage life-long learning.

Delano Public Schools are recognized for the quality of their academic programs.  The staff has developed a broad based program that reflects the continuity of traditional standards of achievement and the change representative of the technological age.

The blending of past and present forges a school environment that not only challenges and affirms, but also one that nurtures and motivates.

The excitement of learning at Delano Public Schools is delivered by teachers whose personal commitment and professional training provide means for high achievement.  A teacher mentorship program and peer coaching program supports new staff at each school and currently 56 percent of Delano's teaching staff has completed a masters degree.

Beginning with Early Childhood Education (ECFE), the program serves children birth to age five and their parents.  Recognizing that the home is the first learning environment, these quality programs teach parents how to educate and interact with their children.

ECFE gives children a head start, identifies current or potential learning problems, and helps build strong families that are vital to children's learning during their school year.


Delano Elementary School

Delano Elementary School was a recipient of a Minnesota School of Excellence Award in 2008 and also was ranked a Minnesota Five Star School in 2006.

It currently houses 773 students, averaging 21-23 students per classroom.  Their Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores consistently rank among the highest in the state.

Delano Elementary offers a coordinated curricular program, a Gifted and Talented Program for high potential students, Title I programming, as well as Special Education Programs.

Technology is in the forefront of our school as we have 42 interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors that enhance all of the k-4 classrooms.

The school's two music classrooms, four special education classrooms and media center are also equipped with this technology.  The elementary school has strong parental involvement through it P.I.E (Partners in Education) group.  This is a volunteer organization of parents and staff committed to enhancing our students education and overall school environment through fundraising efforts that help finance special events throughout the year to benefit students, school and staff.

These partnerships are essential for learning that results in better attendance, improved behavior, a high quality of education, and a safe learning environment.

Delano Elementary's mission is to educate individuals to be lifelong learners, possessing the skills, knowledge, creativity, sense of self-worth, and citizenship necessary to function and flourish in a rapidly changing society.


Delano Middle School

Delano Middle School is a nationally-recognized school of excellence.  In 2003, the US Department of Education named Delano Middle School a Blue Ribbon School.

It was one of 115 schools nationwide to receive this prestigious award and the only middle school in Minnesota to be recognized.  It currently houses 715 students.

The middle school years are a time of great physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes.  As a result, Delano Middle School programs are designed to meet these special needs.

The middle school staff is committed to fostering a climate that allows students to develop skills in fact finding, critical thinking, and decision making.

These programs include Project Wisdom, Project DARE, student-directed conferencing, interdisciplinary teaching units and teams, and peer tutoring for students experience academic difficulties, just to name a few.

In an effort to enrich our teaching environment, the middle school staff utilizes Tablet PCs to integrate technology into the curriculum and enhance instruction in the classroom.

The middle school is grateful to P.I.E (Parents in Education) and DAEF (Delano Area Education Foundation) for financial support for technology purchases.

The ultimate purpose of the middle school is to provide a smooth educational transition for students between elementary and high school while ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed.


Delano High School

In 2007, Delano High School was the first Minnesota high school to be chosen to model school by the International Center for Leadership in Education.

Recently, Delano High School was recognized as one of America's Best High Schools from U.S. World News and Report Magazine and received a bronze medal for distinction in standardized test performance and proficiency rates of all students.  It currently houses 763 students.

Delano High School is a caring community, committed to achieving academic excellence, responsible leadership, and consistent integrity along with supporting the Delano Way, which expects all students to "Show Up, Show Up on Time, Work Hard, and Failure is not an Option".

Delano High School test scores consistently rank among the highest in the state, and the average ACT composite score of 24 at DHS is among the highest in the state.

Delano High School offers Link Crew, which is an innovative program that utilizes upper-class student leadership to help freshmen make a successful transition to the high school.

Part of a student's academic life at DHS includes an advisory program which assists in planning a student's high school career as well as transitioning planning from high school to post secondary education.

Delano High School offers College in the Schools (CIS) classes, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for high potential students, post high school credit opportunities for the middle learners through Rasmussen College, as well as a School Within a School (SWAS) program for at-risk students.

Delano High School is also involved in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science Technology).

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a unique varsity sport of the mind designed to help high school-aged young people discover how interesting and rewarding the life of engineers and researchers can be.  This program is supported by Sil-Pro, a local manufacturer of silicone molding products for the medical industry.

Additionally, in an effort to enrich our teaching environment, the high school staff utilizes Tablet PCs to integrate technology into the curriculum and enhance instruction in the classroom.

At Delano High School, the goal is to establish creative learning environments while bridging the technology gap with our students to foster high achievement and preparation for future endeavors.


Community Education

The Community Education program is committed to the spirit of lifelong learning.

District 879 offers adult basic education, college and vocational classes, enrichment classes for all ages, year-round indoor and outdoor recreation, senior citizen programs, youth development and service, open school facilities for community use, active advisory council, pre-school and school age child care at Tiger Kids Club.


 Delano Area Educational Foundation (DAEF)

The Delano Area Educational Foundation (DAEF) is a non-profit organization.  Its mission is to enrich the learning experiences of all students in District 879 by helping them achieve academic excellence.  In April 2008, the foundation awarded $21,000 in grant money to the Delano Schools.  The foundation was founded in 2003.

The board of the foundation would like to extend an open invitation to parents and community members to get involved with the foundation.

For more information, contact DAEF President Chad Skartvedt at 763 972-2980 or


For more information:

Delano Public Schools are located at 700 Elm Avenue East in Delano.  The district phone number is 763 972-3365 and the fax number is 763 972-6706.  Their website:


 St. Peter's Catholic School


 St. Peter's School, a private Catholic school in Delano stands for excellence.

Its staff works diligently to develop in students the skills and knowledge that are the basis of a strong Catholic education and academic program.  As an accredited institution the school offers enriching experiences and opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, in a caring environment, providing a foundation students can stand upon the rest of their lives.

As a ministry of the Delano Catholic Community, St. Peter's School reflects the unique history of the two parishes of St. Joseph and St. Peter and has educated children of the greater Delano community for more than 130 years.

Class sizes are small; to encourage active participation from all students and to allow for individual interaction between students and teachers.

Faith formation, a technology lab, exposure to the arts through annual visits to the theater and museums, and hand son learning are all part of the typical St. Peter's School experience.

For more information or registration materials, contact the school office at 763 972-2528.

The school is located at 235 South 2nd Street, PO Box 470, Delano MN  55328.  Their website:


Mt. Olive Lutheran School

Mt. Olive Lutheran School offers a private-based, Lutheran education in Delano, with excellent educational services.

Mt. Olive Luther Church, a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), operates Mt. Olive Lutheran School, which has been offering a Christian education to children for more than 50 years.

The staff of Mt. Olive is dedicated to providing excellent educational services to children and their parents, so that each child can take their place in society as the salt of the earth.

An experienced staff serves three to four year old children in classes, preschool through grade eight, in a loving, yet disciplined atmosphere.  A teacher-to-student ratio of approximately 1 to 12 allows teachers to give each student the attention they so richly deserve and need.

In addition to instruction from the Bible, Mt. Olive's high academic standards are passed on to students in each class, through access to technology and exposure to arts.

Students also have opportunities to participate in athletics, choir, forensics and scholastic competitions throughout the school year.

All children, regardless of faith, are encouraged to attend Mt. Olive.

For more information about the school or for registration materials, contract the school office at 763 972-2442 or visit their website:





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