City of Delano Spashpad

The City of Delano splashpad, opening summer 2018, is a new opportunity for families to enjoy the city’s park and recreation amenities. The pad features 15 unique water structures, ensuring fun for all ages. The splashpad was constructed with profits from Delano Wine and Spirits. Next to the splashpad is the new concession building, which has space for families to rest while visiting the splashpad, as well as a rentable area and commercial kitchen. Explore the links below for more information on splashpad season passes, renting the concession building, and more. 


Open 7 days a week! 12:00pm - 8:00pm
The Concession Stand and Splashpad is available for private rentals 10:00am - 12:00pm.


Daily Fee (Per Person): $3.00

Delano Splashpad 2018 Season Pass Fees
  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Individual $25 $30 $35
Family $75 $85 $100

Tier 1: City of Delano Residents
Tier 2: Delano schools families and business employees
Tier 3: Non-residents



  • Who has to be included on a waiver? Any visitor who interacts with the water must have a Season Pass Application & Waiver on file with the City
  • Who has to pay for a Day Pass? Any visitor who interacts with the water at the Splashpad must pay the Day Pass fee. Chaperones who are at the Splashpad to only oversee children do not need to pay for a Day Pass.
  • If I have a Season Pass, can I get a discount during a Private Event rental (10:00am to 12:00pm only)? The Private Event lessee will be charged one rate regardless of how many people in the group have a Season Pass. Visitors must discuss pricing with their Private Event contact person. No money will be taken or refunded from individual visitors during Private Events.
  • If I am part of a Private Event, can I stay past 12:00pm? All visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like at the Delano Splashpad. However, once a Private Event concludes as 12:00, these visitors must relocate to non-rented areas. They must also pay a Day Pass fee or present their Season Pass if they would like to stay past 12:00pm.
  • If I rent the Concession Building, does it include Splashpad admission? For a block rental (up to 6 hours) or a full day rental of the Concession Building, Splashpad admission is not included. At any time during the rental, visitors may use the Splashpad after first presenting a Season Pass or paying a Day Pass fee, with Splashpad Application and Waiver if needed.