The Crow River was named by the Ojibwa Indians after a bird they called the "marauder of newly planted corn."  Today, there are still abundant fish and wildlife in the corridor.  The Crow River stretches from Lake Koronis and spans 125 miles to reach the Mississippi River in Dayton, Minnesota.  Because its journey passes through Delano, the “Crow” has become a central focal point of the City. 

Upon Delano’s founding, the river has provided an essential waterway that churned early mills and the Delano Power Plant’s first waterwheel.  Its waters levels have been both low and high marking some of the most historic events in Delano ’s history.  In 1965, the river swelled to over 18 feet, the highest recorded level in the town’s history.  Through improvements in flood management and prevention, the river has only topped 14 feet in recent history (2001). 

 Minnesota DNR maintains Canoe Launch Sites throughout the River.  Take some time to see the beautiful sites of the mighty Crow River.