The City of Delano has an extensive park system which requires continual maintenance and upkeep.  While Staff has been able to address the basic maintenance needs, there are "extra" projects which are often overlooked.  To address the extras in the park system, the City of Delano has developed an "Adopt-a-Park" and "Adopt-a-Trail" program.  This program will give community groups an opportunity to work to further beautify the parks and trails and gain recognition for their work in Delano.

In 2009, the City implemented the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail program to help beautify our parks and trails.  Volunteers agreed to adopt specific amenities in the community and made a regular effort of picking up trash, planting flowers and address other minor maintenance.  The program was implemented in the face of major budgetary concerns as a result of the tough economic times.  In practice though, the program has become much more as it is a way for community members to give back and add to the overall quality of life in Delano.


Community groups and individuals are expected to serve a minimum of one day per month in their designated park or trail from April to October.  The group will then be responsible for carrying out their goals with support from the City of Delano whenever and wherever needed.  

Examples of work include: collection of trash, planting/weeding flower beds, leveling playground surface materials, walking through the park to identify needs and issues, ensuring that all playground equipment is safe and operating normally

The City of Delano will provide equipment and supplies such as mulch, trash bags or other materials that the City’s budget can accommodate as needed to all participants. 


The City of Delano will recognize the hard work of the community groups by installing a sign in the designated park or along the designated trail way.


The Park and Recreation Commission would like all participants in the program to take pictures and contact City Hall when a project is planned.  By doing so it will allow City staff to publicize the event and bring about more awareness about of the program. 

Contact Us:

If you are interested in adopting part of Delano's park system, fill out the APPLICATION and return it to City Hall, PO Box 108, 234 2nd Street North, Delano MN  55328.  If you have any questions - please contact Paula Bauman at 763 972-4420.


Adopted Parks and Trails

Parks and Trails Map

Regional Parks:

   Central Park Baseball & Softball Fields: St. Peter’s School
   Big Rock Play Area and Gazebo: Delano United Methodist Church

Neighborhood Parks:

   Barb King Inspiration Park (Woodland Meadows Park): Link Family
   Krienke Park: Hintermeister, Robasse & Thomas Families
   Lions Park:  
   Maple Knoll Park: Landscape Structures
   Parkview Hills Park: Menk Family
   * Savanna Park: 
   * Stahlke Park:
   * Water Tower Park (Clover Springs Park):
   * Westridge Hills Park:  
   Woods Creek Park: Molitor and Kuelb Families

Trails:  (Parks and Trails Map)

   County Line Road Trail: City of Delano Employee Club. 
   County Road 30 Trail (North of the School): Delano Lacrosse Team
   Delano Crossings Trail: My Bodyshop Fitness Center
   Highway 12 Trail: County Line Road to County Road 17: 
   Johnson Drive Trail: Landscape Structures
   Parkview Trails: Menk Family 
   River Street (County Road 17):  Adopted by anonymous 
   Riverwalk Trail: Schleper Family
   Tiger Drive Trail – Highway 12 to Elm Avenue: Delano Lacrosse Team
   * Woodland Road Trail (County Road 30):

* Parks and Trails that are available for adoption.  To adopt a park and/or trail - please contact City Hall at 763-972-4420.