Welcome to Healthy Delano!

Whether you’re new to the healthy lifestyle journey, or live a pretty healthy life already but need a change of pace, Healthy Delano is here to help you and your family eat right, get active, and live well.

The City of Delano, local businesses and community members are working together to help create - and sustain - a Healthy Delano for all.  Be sure to visit this page and our Facebook page for information, events and resources that will help you on your wellness journey.


View PDF of Healthy Delano Playbook

Registration Information:

Family Registration: Register for Healthy Delano at https://health.ridgeviewmedical.org and create a Family Health Manager account to learn your health score, view your health numbers, track your preventive health recommendations, connect to local resources and manage your health goals.

When registering for a Family Health Manager account, please enter the Healthy Delano Program Code: HealthyDel12

Business Registration:  Thank you for your interest in being recognized as a 2014 Healthy Delano Business!  Follow link to view application:  2014 Healthy Delano Business Application

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Eat Right

Lunch together! Whether or not you work outside the home, plan a brown-bag lunch with your kids that’s nutritious (and delicious!). Join your child at lunch time to eat together. If you can’t break away from work, pack the same lunch for you so everybody has the same lunch that day. Or you can pick a favorite family meal and brainstorm together how to make it healthier. If possible, do both!

Get Active

Get ready for the change of temps by finding a new outdoor activity to try. Maybe it’s hiking in a new-to-you park—and if there’s snow, rent snowshoes! (Note: up-and-down temps generally make walking on a lake not terribly safe.)

Live Well

Set some time aside for family time. Maybe it’s a Saturday spent in your pjs, playing board games or cards, and ending with a family movie night. Use some of the healthy snacking ideas in the link above to enjoy while lounging.

Together we can make a healthy difference in Delano!