Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Campaign

In continuing with Minnesota's proud history of supporting our nation's military, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of The Best of 12 campaign has a diverse group of citizens and community leaders dedicated to engaging local communities by; providing community education, organizing family support with trained and empowered community leaders to support service members and their families during deployment and reintegration and recognizing military service members and their families. To help military families face the challenges of deployment and reintegration through community empathy, support and compassion. To establish a community network of fundamental services to support and empower military personnel and their families by utilizing community resources and volunteers in ways that are communicated and understood.


If you know of a service member or their family that needs support and assistance please contact the Yellow Ribbon of the Best of 12 Committee by calling 763-972-4433 or emailing and trained community leaders and volunteers will be available to provide the assistance needed.