2015-16 Goals Program

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Long Term Goals

  1. Provide and proactively facilitate the delivery of quality public and community services in a planned, fiscally responsible manner.
  2. Ensure the City's continued sustainability and financial stability.
  3. Plan for the maintenance, replacement and efficient operation of the City's equipment, buildings, infrastructure, energy and utility systems.
  4. Manage the City's growth so that it is high quality and consistent with the City's Comprehensive Plan while maintaining the City's historical culture, characteristics and features.
  5. Encourage and improve the communication of information and ideas with residents and business owners.
  6. Ensure communication and positive relationships between the Council, City Staff, Employees and Commission members.
  7. Ensure the City has a well-trained, productive and accountable workforce to meet the changing needs of the community.
  8. Ensure the public safety from crime and man-made or natural disasters
  9. Ensure the overall aesthetic appeal of the City.
  10. Maintain a long-term vision while continuing to address strategic (1-3 year) goals.


Short-Term Goals

  1. Promote and expand the City's business, commercial and industrial development.
  2. Address the City's flooding issues.
  3. Provide needed infrastructure maintenance and complete major construction projects.
  4. Improve the City's public transportation.
  5. Develop a building maintenance capital plan.
  6. Utilize staff more effectively.
  7. Obtain funding for and establish a City trail plan.
  8. Improve the buildings in Central Park.
  9. Complete the Riverfront Project.
  10. Improve the City's older neighborhood parks.