City Goals and Strategies

City Strategy No. 1:  Provide and proactively facilitate the delivery of quality public and community services in a planned, fiscally responsible manner.

City Strategy No. 2:  Ensure the City's continued sustainability and financial stability.

City Strategy No. 3:  Plan for the maintenance, replacement and efficiency of the City's equipment, buildings, infrastructure, energy and utility systems.

City Strategy No. 4:  Manage the City's growth so that it be high quality and consistent with the City's Comprehensive Plan while remaining the city's historical culture,  characteristics and features.

City Strategy No. 5:  Encourage and improve the communication of information and ideas with residents and business owners.

City Strategy No. 6:  Ensure communication and positive relationships between the Council, City Staff, Employees and Commission members.

City Strategy No. 7:  Ensure the City has a well-trained and productive and accountable workforce to meet the changing needs of the community.

City Strategy No. 8:  Ensure the public safety from crime and man-made or natural disasters.

City Strategy No. 9:  Ensure the overall aesthetic appeal of the City.